Citizenship, Work and Technology


Citizenship, Work and Technology (RG2). Focuses on the study of some of the most important phenomena of social inclusion and exclusion in Portugal. It aims at developing a theoretical, epistemological and methodological review on the notions of “social inclusion” and “citizenship” and expanding its study on the following areas: work and organisations; technology; politics and justice.

Coordinator: Miguel Chaves

Research teams:

Work, Organisations and Professional Trajectories

Technology, Communication and Risk

Political Participation, Activism and Leadership

Rights, Vulnerability and Justice

UMinho’s team: Ana Paula Pereira Marques; Catarina Almeida Tomás; João Manuel da Silva Carvalho; Maria João Leitão Simões Areias Pereira; Sílvia Andreia da Mota Gomes; Vera Mónica da Silva Duarte.