Social Inequality and Public Action


Social Inequality and Public Action (RG1). Contemporary societies, namely the Portuguese, are intersected by different types of social inequalities related to gender, class or ethnic group, among others. This RG assumes that the notion of social inequality is a priority, in analytical terms, for the study of social exclusion. Three analytical dimensions are privileged: socio-structural, organisational, and interactional. It also aims at proposing a renovation of theories and methods that go beyond the structuralist and social (inter)action perspectives.

 Coordinator: Manuel Lisboa

Research teams:

Poverty and Social Exclusion

Education, Knowledge and Culture

Gender and Sexuality

Class, Ethnicity and Collective Action

 UMinho’s team: Ana Maria Simões de Azevedo Brandão; José Fernando Bessa Ribeiro; Manuel Carlos Ferreira da Silva; Maria Johanna Christina Schouten; Sheila Pereira Khan; Teresa Maria de Sousa Araújo Pereira Mora.