Configurações Journal


The Configurações journal, published by CICS-UMinho, is one of the means of dissemination of national and international works in the fields of Sociology and Social Sciences. Published works undergo a double-blind peer-review process. The journal’s Advisory Board is composed of renowned national and international experts.

The journal is currently indexed in Qualis, EBSCO, Latindex and Bielefield Academic Search Engine.

The call for papers is permanently open.

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Configurações 17 | Sociedade, Autoridade e Pós-memórias

Coordenadores: Silva, Manuel Carlos; Khan, Sheila & Azevedo Mendes, Francisco

Ano: 2016


Capa recortada

Configurações 16 | Violência e Criminalidade

Coordenadoras: Gomes, Silvia; Duarte, Vera & Leote de Carvalho, Maria João

Ano: 2015