Environmental Change, Territory and Development


Environmental Change, Territory and Development (RG3) has the purpose of understanding the dynamics of local and regional development from a territorial perspective and contributing to increase our knowledge on the following subjects: theories and concepts of local and regional development; typologies of territories and territorial dynamics; analytical and diagnostic tools addressing environmental problems; development actors, policies and strategies; and public action instruments in the context of local and regional development.

Coordinator: Maria José Roxo

Research teams:

Cities, Transportation and Globalisation

Global Changes, Local Solutions

Local and Regional Development

Landscape and Territorial Dynamics

UMinho’s team: António Maria Ferreira Cardoso; Domingos Fernando da Cunha Santos; José Manuel Morais Lopes Cordeiro; Maria Cristina Guimarães de Almeida Moreira; Maria Paula Vilhena Mascarenhas; Rodrigo da Costa Dominguez.