Gender (In)equalities in work and private life: from the norms to the social practices


Reference: PTDC/SDE/72257/2006  

Research coordinator: Manuel Carlos Ferreira da Silva (CICS).

Research team:  Helena Machado (CICS); Ana Paula Marques (CICS), José Manuel Sobral (ICS-UL); Luísa Lima (CIS-ISCTE); Fernando Bessa Ribeiro (CICS/UTAD), Helena Araújo (CIIE-UP).

Objectives: (i) to develop scientific knowledge, whether empirical or theoretical, that implies testing and confronting theories about historic and current forms of gender inequalities, in articulation with other class theories;  (ii) to contribute to the analysis and understanding of gender inequalities, particularly those related to economic, political, cultural and symbolical factors and to analyse their relation; (iii) to perform a study based on documental analysis, surveys and interviews about gender inequality  at work and in family/private life environments. The  questions relate to gender discrimination and segmentation  a) in the labour market and b) in marital relations and in divorce processes and in the regulation of parental power.


Duration: 2007-2011

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