Call for Papers Thematic Dossier on Violence and Crime– Revista Configurações (CICS.NOVA.UMinho)


The Configurações journal invites you to send papers in the social sciences field. This journal’s call for papers is open permanently.
The 16th issue of the journal will have a thematic dossier on Violence and Crime. If you would like to publish a paper about such theme, send us your proposal between May 1 and August 15. More info below.

Configurações Journal
Issue theme: Violence and Crime.
Coordinators: Sílvia Gomes (CICS.NOVA – Pólo UMinho, UICCC.ISMAI), Vera Duarte (CICS.NOVA – Pólo UMinho, UICCC.ISMAI) e Maria João Leote de Carvalho (CICS.NOVA).

Violence, in its various forms and expressions, is a structural component of the social dynamics. Transversal to all social groups, the phenomenon of violence in the form of crime generate social concern and alarm us for impacts on social order and cohesion. Present in several dimensions of social life, violence and crime are complex, polysemous social problems that include different configurations and produce dynamic social realities of difficult access. Its analysis requires the combination of individual and social factors, as well as economic and political, cultural and others that, in turn, also translate into questioning their conceptual borders.
The papers may be from any the field of the social sciences, may refer to empirical investigation and must rely on a robust theoretical reflection. Papers must be sent to until the 15th of August, 2015, and shall be in compliance with the journal’s norms.

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