(Portuguese) CICS.NOVA aceita candidaturas para concurso de atribuição de Bolsas Individuais de Pós-Doutoramento [FCT]


The Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT) has opened the 2015 edition of the FCT Post-Doctoral fellowships, that aims to support the most creative post-doctoral researchers in pursuing cutting-edge projects.

Post-doctoral Fellowshipsare available for PhD holders, preferentially with less than six years post-doctoral experience. Fellowships have a maximum duration of six years, upon mid-term approval and budget availability.

Applicants to post-doctoral fellowships are required to:

· Have completed their PhD at time of application;
· Be an author on an original, peer-review paper (published or accepted for publication by the application deadline), or an equivalent indicator of scientific output;
· Have at least one scientific output indicator for every three years post-PhD;
· Not have held any prior FCT-funded post-doctoral fellowship. As an exception, this requirement does not apply to the 2105 call: applicants with previous FCT-funded fellowships may apply for 3-year post-doctoral fellowship.

The Center for Interdisciplinary Social Sciences CICS.NOVA (www.cics.nova.fcsh.unl.pt) invites researchers holding a PhD degree to submit an application, within the following research areas:

- Social Inequality and Public Action
- Citizenship, Work and Technology
- Environmental Change, Territory and Development
- Socio-Spatial Modelling and Planning
- Population Dynamics and Health

The applications, being CICS.NOVA the host institution, must be submitted until 30 April 2015, to the email address cicsnova@fcsh.unl.pt, with the subject ‘FCT Post-Doctoral Fellowships 2015’. The applications must contain:

- Reference to the research area (from the above mentioned),
- CV (curriculum vitae),
- Title of the project,
- Summary of the work program (up to 150 words),
- State of the art (up to 500 words),
- Objectives to achieve (up to 300 words),
- References (up to 20)
- Indication of the scientific domain – (Fields of Science (FOS) defined in the Manual Frascati)

Selected applicants could submit their application to FCT until 5p.m. 11 May, having CICS.NOVA as the host institution.
We are available to answer any questions through the email address cicsnova@fcsh.unl.pt
Information about the FCT call is available here

Application Guide only in Portuguese

– if you need information / request to CICS.NOVA as host institution, contact us by email to cicsnova@fcsh.unl.pt

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