Call for papers: Revista Configurações – number15


Articles must be submitted to by april 20, 2015 and must conform to journal specifications.
Instructions for authors:

All articles will undergo a preliminary selection process conducted by the Editorial Board to ensure their relevance to the thematic scope of this special issue. Selected articles will then be submitted to the blind refereeing of two experts.

All texts must comply with the following criteria:

1. They must provide their author(s) name(s), their institutional affiliation(s) and e-mail(s).

2. Texts, excluding abstracts, must not exceed 35,000 characters, including spaces.

3. Each article must be accompanied by three abstracts (in Portuguese, English and French) all of which must be no longer than 750 characters (including spaces). The abstract in Portuguese will be part of the main file (article); the other abstracts must be sent in a separate file.

4. All files, in Word format, must be sent by email.

5. All quotations must be translated.

6. All originals must:

a) contain the final, print ready version of the text, duly revised

b) include a title

c) specify 4 or 5 keywords, following the abstract, and in the three previously specified languages.

7. In text composition and formatting, authors should comply with the following guidelines:

a) Use no more than two heading levels; Introduction and Conclusion are not numbered; use Arabic number for the body of the text;

b) Quotations of 4 lines or less should be placed within inverted commas; longer quotations should be presented as indented paragraph(s), without quotation marks;

c) Words/phrases in other languages should in italics;

d) Non-textual elements must be presented in tables, charts or figures, with individual Arabic numbering;

e) Footnotes will be numbered, without brackets;

f) References will comply with the following example: (Rodrigues, 1993: 103); (Costa & Almeida, 1991: 80-84); (Greenwood, 1997a); (Greenwood, 1997b);

g) References at the end of the article should be presented as follows:

- SURNAME, Name (year), Title of the book, place of publication, publisher.

- SURNAME, Name (year), “Title of the article”, Title of the journal, volume (number), number of first and last pages.

- SURNAME, Name (year), “Title of the article/ chapter”, in Name and Surname of the editor(s) (eds.), Title of the book, place of publication, publisher, number of first and last pages.

- Internet Document: SURNAME, Name (year), Title of the document [Online], available at: address [accessed: date].

- Internet sites and personal or institutional pages: Name [Online], available at: address [accessed: date].

- Articles in online journals: SURNAME, Name (year), “Title of the article”, Title of the Journal, volume (number), number of first and last pages [Online], available at: address [accessed: date].

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